Current DarkStar Films And BlackMafia Films Being Sold Exclusively On Goredrome

DarkStar Films and BlackMafia Films are two new film distribution companies specializing in horror and extreme cinema. The products from these companies are currently on sale exclusively on Goredrome, the new online shop dedicated to the sale of horror items and DVDs/Blu-rays from various distribution companies. Specifically, DarkStar Films deals with horror films, while BlackMafia Films focuses on extreme/underground cinema. Both are aimed at an international market with releases with English, French, Italian language, and/or subtitles.

Below are the first films distributed by both labels and that are already available on Goredrome.


Keepsake! (USA – 2019): gore short film written and directed by Nathan Hine – Blu-ray (edition with lots of extras)

Lucker the Necrophagous (Belgium – 1986) by Johan Vandewoestijne: disturbing necrophiliac film for the first time on Blu-ray – Blu-ray + Poster

Lullaby Story (Mexico – 2021) by David Stojan: horror film about sexual slavery, snuff and black magic – Blu-ray + Card

P.O.E. Poetry of Eerie (Italy – 2011): horror anthology film based on the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe – Blu-ray + Card

Poern (Italy – 2015): erotic/horror anthology film based on the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe, starring the Italian porn star Roberta Gemma – Blu-ray + Card

Shock: My Abstraction of Death (Italy – 2013) by Domiziano Cristopharo and Alessandro Redaelli: horror film consisting of two episodes – Blu-ray + Card

The Transparent Woman (Italy – 2015) by Domiziano Cristopharo: a giallo/horror film starring the Italian porn star Roberta Gemma – Blu-ray

Trailers of the Dead: a collection of movie trailers from the underground horror scene produced by Tony Newton – DVD/Blu-ray + Card

Two Left Arms (Italy – 2013) by Domiziano Cristopharo: horror film inspired by the works of Lovecraft and that mixes paganism, extraterrestrial contacts, and the dark mystery of the Abruzzo province – Blu-ray

Vampire Nymphets (Mexico – 2021) by David Stojan: vampire movie – Blu-ray + Card.


Dark Mixtape (2021): extreme horror anthology film with a lot of violence, nudity, and madness – Blu-ray

Feto Morto (Brazil – 2003) the rare horror trash film by Fernando Rick, for the first time with English, Italian and french subs – DVD/Blu-ray

Mutilation Theatre by White Gardenia: extreme horror anthology film – Blu-ray.

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