PopHorror.com is a partnership of Jamil Ventures group.  PopHorror.com is an independent media site focused on the niche popular horror culture, influenced by the terrifying industry, whose iconic creations have become the nightmares of children of all ages.  The mainstream entertainment segment behind today’s blockbuster horror movies, TV shows, video games, and more.

PopHorror.com provides fans with the latest news, reviews of TV & movies, horror communities, social platforms, events, and industry scoop.  A relatively new site that is growing exponentially.  We’re proud of our success, come join the dark side.


  • New startup at the ground stage.
  • Exponentially growing social media following.
  • Launched January 2016.
  • Successfully spun off from PopCultSure.com and surpassed traffic and social media following.
  • 2020 We spun off PopGaming.com from our editorial team.
  • More to come… We promise!

Corporate Contacts

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VP of Marketing and Client Experience
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Editor, Partner
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Tracy Allen
Editor, Partner
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