Available Now in Select Theaters, VOD and Digital: Derek Presley’s ‘Red Stone’

Available now in select theaters, VOD, and on digital is a new thriller from Cinedigm and directed by Derek Presley (Whitetail) called Red Stone. The film stars Neal McDonough (Minority Report), Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead TV series), Dominic Scott Kay (House TV series), and Mike Dopud (The Predator).


A dangerous hitman (Neal McDonough) is tasked with hunting down a teenager who witnessed the murder of his older brother at the hands of a ruthless Southern crime lord (Michael Cudlitz). The hired gun must track down the boy before either the rival henchmen or the F.B.I. find him first. As the hours tick down, the hitman begins to question his deadly ways and must choose which side he belongs to.

Check out the trailer below:

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