9 More Great Horror Shorts You Can Watch On YouTube!

Ah, the vastness of the internet. Every day, new content is being uploaded for our reading and viewing pleasure, from the next big viral cat video to how to play “Crazy Train” on the guitar. We’ve done an installment on 9 Brilliant Horror Short Films You Can Watch On YouTube, and we’re back again to bring you another batch of excellently made, absolutely terrifying horror shorts. Some are weird, some are hilarious, but all of them are worth checking out.

Author’s Note: Just like in the previous installment, I’ve put all the witty descriptions below the video links, so if you want to watch the videos before reading more (which, honestly, you should) then you can. Otherwise, there’s a likelihood of spoilers in this article. Cool? Cool. On to YouTube!

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 9. Selfie From Hell

This was a short video that (surprisingly) first appeared by making the rounds through social media outlets like Facebook, and quickly blowing up. It’s a short, effective thriller (about 1:41 long) that wastes no time in setting up its “you saw it in the mirror” style of horror. You’ll definitely reconsider doing that classic “All Alone At Night” selfie!

 8. Alma

This beautifully animated short isn’t as much a straight-up scare-fest as it is more of a slow building cautionary tale, but it’s on this list because of its imaginative and unique style. While all of the characters (if you want to call them that) in this short are cutely animated, do not be deceived – there’s still plenty of sinister intent to be had…

 7. Jack

Yet another extremely short horror film (this one barely being 30 seconds long when all is said and done), Jack still manages to be unsettling without making any jump-scares and being shot in one take. I was told that I should watch it without any sound at all, and I actually found it to be much creepier. Just turn around, already!

 6. He Dies At The End

Talk about your slow builds! He Dies At The End is a perfect example of showing how you can build a ridiculous amount of suspense with nothing but text, lighting, and a well-acted lead. If you can forgive the slightly silly ending, you’ll find that this is one of the best build-up shorts out there.

 5. Peekers

When I first heard the premise of this one – scary old people being creepy to a middle-aged neighbor – I was expecting a sort of The Visitors style home invasion thriller. What I got was something that was substantially more creepy, and a short that took its premise to delightfully unexpected territory. The shot with the TV still creeps me out when I think about it.

 4. Too Many Cooks

The first of Adult Swim’s Infomercials series, Too Many Cooks was an instant cult favorite when it first came out. What starts as a seemingly innocuous intro for a family sitcom turns into a nightmarish dreamscape of satire and strangeness. It takes the fourth wall, breaks it, then breaks into that room’s house and burns the whole damn thing down. A must-watch for anyone looking for the strangest corners of the internet. And trust me, you’ll find the horror when you least expect it.

 3. Bedfellows

If you haven’t seen this short, then you may have already had it spoiled for you. But if you haven’t… just watch it. That last image will definitely stay with you.

 2. Think About This

This actually wasn’t even meant to be a horror short at all – originally, Think About This was made as an informational, educational short about the dangers of factory life. However, when you combine the creepy song, the 80’s style shooting, and the downright ridiculous levels of gore, this probably well-intentioned segment turns into a horror film without even having to explain itself. It’ll certainly keep me away from power tools!

 1. Still Life

Another one of the great, classic horror shorts, Still Life tells the story of a nameless driver who finds himself in a strange, Twilight Zone-esque town, where things are certainly lacking human comfort. However, things escalate fantastically, and as the story unfolds, you start to really wonder who you’re rooting for. Saying much more would spoil it, but suffice to say, Still Life is definitely one of the more clever shorts out there, and a classic of the internet. 

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