23 Years of Zombie Love: My Boyfriend’s Back (1993) – Retro Review

Although I’m not big on romance stories, it really just depends on the film. I do sometimes like them with a little horror in the mix… if it’s done right. Often, the best way to go about this is a horror comedy – an unlikely pair fall in love with tons of laughs to ease the awkwardness. He’s a monster of some kind and she’s human or vice versa. We’ve seen this type of scenario in several movies throughout the years – some have been good while others have been pretty questionable. I do love a good zombie love story, so of course I loved 1993’s My Boyfriend’s Back – eat your heart out, Warm Bodies!

“My boyfriends back and you’re gonna be in trouble…” This 1963 song by the Angels always pops into my head when I think of this awesome ’90s zombie movie directed by Bob Balaban and produced by Friday the 13th’s Sean S. Cunningham. Although not widely popular, it did receive positive reviews from critics and made over $3 million dollars at the box office. It’s a cheesy zombie love story that I still love, even after 23 years. This flick is crammed with lovable characters, funny scenes, and a unique plot and style with relatable metaphors.

My Boyfriend’s Back follows the story of Johnny (Andrew Lowery) who has been in love with the same girl, Missy McCloud (Traci Lind), ever since they were kids. All he can hope for is that one day that she’ll break up with her loser boyfriend and fall madly in love into his arms. When his chance never seems to arrive, he comes up with an elaborate and desperate plan that ultimately causes his death. But before he kicks the bucket, he asks Missy to prom as his last, dying wish, and she actually says yes. It turns out, though, that he will do anything for Missy, including coming back from the dead. But will his limbs stay intact long enough for him to take the girl of his dreams to prom?

I like that this isn’t just your average zombie story and follows a unique love story. The movie doesn’t take itself seriously though. The script is full of puns and jokes about him being a zombie and about how he’s going to be a proper boyfriend, even when parts of him keep falling off. Also, I love the comic book style, where we see an illustration and then it turns into one of the scenes.


Although the story focuses more so on the zombie love story, there are some metaphors throughout the film. One of them is comparing Johnny’s urge to eat human bodies to the average teenager’s urge for sexual activity, while another one is about his fear of decomposing and how embarrassing it is, relating to a teen’s fear of acne and other bodily imperfections.


One of my favorite things about My Boyfriend’s Back are the characters and the actors who play them. Andrew Lowery does a great job as Johnny, playing the typical nerdy outcast who turns into a man-eating zombie. Traci Lind was perfect in her role as Missy McCloud, but can I just say this woman is absolutely freaking gorgeous. She did plenty of acting in the ’80s and ’90s, but I would have loved to see her continue on into the new century. Some of the other characters are played by Danny Zorn, Edward Herrmann, Mary Beth Hurt, Jay O. Sanders, Austin Pendleton, Paul Dooley, Libby Villari, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman’s role was small but entertaining as the dumb jock Chuck Bronski. However, Matthew Fox and Matthew McConaughey made their movie debuts in My Boyfriend’s Back, even though they were small roles.


My other favorite part is the large amount of the super ridiculous cheesy scenes. Many of them are dream-like sequences but cheesy nonetheless. One hilarious dream scene in particular is when Johnny is falling apart limb by limb, and then his balls drop and break on the ground, in which he wakes up screaming. Another fun scene is when his Mom kidnaps a little boy as a snack for Johnny and he turns out to be Big Chuck’s (Paul Dooley) kid. Plus, there’s the other ridiculous daydream where Missy McCloud is all dolled up and offering Johnny to take a bite out of her.

Final Thoughts:

Even after 23 years, My Boyfriend’s Back is still a super fun zombie love story that is light-hearted and full of laughs. It’s not one you would want to take seriously, but if you enjoy a little romance with some nice fresh brains, then this one is for you!

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