10 Things Being A Horror Fan Has Taught Me

I’ve been on this earth for 20 years. For 8 of those years, I’ve dedicated my life to horror. I watch horror, read horror, write horror, and just talk about horror in general. Horror fans are able to view the world differently than everyone else. When you’re a dedicated fan, you can actually learn a few things from the horror community.

1. Horror Films Can Prepare You For The Worst.

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After watching enough horror films, I find myself thinking about how I would escape certain situations. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I start thinking, “What would I do if someone broke in right now? What would my plan be?” I believe horror films can prepare you for a terrifying situation. Weapons, escape routes… you name it! Horror’s got the tools for you to survive!

2. There Is Beauty In Darkness.

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I’m not saying death is elegant. What I am saying is that horror fans can find beauty in gloom. We can find a picture of a forest with a dark gray sky and dead trees. Most people find that kind of image creepy or eerie. But horror fans can find that image beautiful and almost peaceful. Darker tones can lighten our moods.

3. If A Kid Is Old Enough To Watch Horror Films, Then That Kid Is Old Enough To Be Pranked.

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Pranking is always a touchy subject when it comes to kids. Especially pranking with a scary mask or a freaky doll. The way I see it, if a kid can sit through a horror film, pranking him won’t traumatize him. As long as he knows it’s all fake in the end.

4. “Lots Of Gore” Does Not Mean “Horrible Story.”

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The thing I hear the most from non-horror fans is that horror films only showcase the blood and sacrifice the story. Yes, horror doesn’t skimp out on the blood and guts. That does NOT mean that the gore takes the place of a compelling story though. Besides, other genres can have plenty of blood and violence. However, people will still focus on the story. So, why is our genre the only genre that blood is all people care about? There are plenty of deep, well-written stories in those horror movies I love so much.

5. Not All Remakes Are A Good Idea BUT Not All Remakes Are A Bad Idea Either.

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Just hearing the word “remake” puts a lot of horror fans in a bad mood and I understand that. There are definitely good horror films that fans feel shouldn’t have been remade. But, when you look at the film’s acting, story and special effects, sometimes films don’t get better with age. I’m not dissing the classics – not at all! But I’m also not going to knock the remakes just for not being exactly like the original. If a modernized horror flick is different enough from the first film that it can be interpreted as its own standalone movie, then it’s successful in my book.

6. Horror Films Put Big Time Celebrities On The Map.

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Some people think of horror as the worst genre. But horror has given some of the biggest celebrities their starts. What if people decided, decades ago, that horror was a dead genre? What if the films He Knows You’re Alone (1980), A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) or Leprechaun (1993) were never made? Would we know who Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, or Jennifer Aniston are today? Horror, although hated, can actually be the foundation of a good film career.

7. Horror Nerds Are The Best Nerds.

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Since I’ve joined the Horror Fandom, I’ve met some of the most loyal fans, people who dedicate their homes, their entertainment, and themselves to this genre. How are horror nerds different than other nerds? Simply, we find comfort in macabre. Horror films offer a safe place to feel scared and its fans are the kind of people who can be asked, “If you were a serial killer, what song would you kill your victims too?” and not be phased by the question. We are able to question about what “normal” people are too afraid to ask. Horror nerds are the best nerds because other people’s chaos is our normal.

8. Horror Films Create Fear, But They Also Help You Face Your Fear.

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Of course, most people watch horror films for one reason. People simply want to be scared. But others avoid horror films because they’re too scary. I believe horror films help people in both those categories. If you watch horror films where the main antagonist is someone or something you fear the most, watching more and more films about it could help you face your fear. I’m mostly speaking from personal experience. I used to be afraid of dolls, but then I watched more and more films about killer dolls and that took the fear away. Dolls aren’t even on my Top 10 Fears now. Just like people who watch romantic comedies like to feel love through a movie’s characters, people who watch horror just want to feel scared.

9. A Bad Horror Film Makes A Good Comedy.

Related imageWhether intentional or not, sometimes a horror film can be so bad that it’s almost laughable. However, B-Horror movies are still a respected sub-genre in horror. Horror doesn’t always have to take itself too seriously. They can throw in some cheesy one-liners, add in a few horrible special effects and still be enjoyable. I’d take a bad horror film over a bad comedy any day!

10. Horror Is NOT Dead, Nor Will It Ever Be Dead!

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One thing I hear the most from horror fans is that the genre died years ago. Not one bit of that statement is true. The entire horror genre has completely changed over the time that it’s existed, might be for the better, might be for the worst. But there will always be new horror fans, new horror directors and new wonderful and creepy stories to keep us up at night. As long as there are fans, the genre will NEVER die!

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