Meet Our Writers: Matt Stumpf

1. If electricity and equipment were no problem, what five horror movies would you want with you if you were stranded on a deserted island? Top 5 lists are always tough, but I think I’ll live. In no particular order, I would probably say Maniac (the remake), MartyrsFunny GamesSleepaway Camp 2 and Darling.

2. If someone was going to make a movie of your life, who would you want to play you? I would like to say Brad Pitt, but I don’t think that would happen. Elijah Wood would be a pretty good option.

3. What’s your favorite horror movie quote? It’s not one that I would use in every day conversation, but one of the first lines in the Maniac remake is phenomenal. Elijah Wood’s character, Frank, has just broken into his first victim’s apartment. She comes home and tries to turn on the lights, but Frank has cut the power to the apartment. She turns around, and he goes, “Please don’t scream, you’re beautiful,” and then shoves a knife up through the bottom of her mouth as she starts to scream. Chills every single time.

4. Do you have any fears? What are you afraid of? First and foremost, birds. My biggest fear is being locked in a room with an ostrich. After that, clowns, snakes, spiders, needles.

5. What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups. No question.

6. Favorite slasher villain? Angela Baker.

7. Favorite horror author? HP Lovecraft. I have his face tattooed on my arm!

8. What’s the first horror movie you remember seeing? I remember seeing one of the Friday the 13th flicks when I was like 6. A family friend was staying over at our house and he had it on and I watched some of it.

9. Favorite genre outside of horror? Probably comedy. I like to laugh.

10. What horror movie have you seen the most? Oh my, there’s been a lot that I’ve rewatched. I’ve seen Funny Games a lot. That or Sleepaway Camp 2.

About Matt Stumpf

My name's Matt, and I love all things horror. Books, movies, video games; you name it, I like it. Martyrs is my favorite horror film, and everyone should watch it. I also have a soft-spot for those cheesy 80's slashers. I'm still slightly convinced that Faces of Death is real.

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