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Writer/Director Abie Sidell Talks With PopHorror about ‘CRAM’ and the Honesty of Horror

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Abie Sidell before the digital release of his latest creation, the short film, CRAM. We discussed the challenges of creating CRAM during a pre-vaccine pandemic with his company, Radical Rhinoceros. We covered the vampiric nature of the educational system. How hurt monsters hurt people. Speaking in violent verse. Engineering medieval cameras. Puppet causalities and nihilistic success.


“Life is very frequently scary, and life is very frequently funny. Life is romantic and dramatic. I really do want my movies to feel like life in all of its ways. I can’t imagine that I would ever make a movie that doesn’t have horror in it in some way because life has horror in it, but I don’t necessarily know that everything I make will be in the horror genre. Fear is present, and I’m really interested in exploring it.” -Abie Sidell

“The product is the process” -Abie Sidell

In our conversation, Abie artfully covers how horror fundamentally exercises the audience’s ideas, thoughts, and emotions. How it allows us to interrogate what they mean to us. Horror helps investigate the dark corners of our minds while channeling David Lynch’s mantra of allowing movies “room to dream”.

“My hope is that if you leave a movie that I’ve made, I want you to feel as if you have been given the keys to the door inside yourself. The ability to look at something that maybe you were afraid to look at before, that’s the amazing part of horror. “

Check out our full interview below! Also, feel free to read my CRAM review here!

Be sure to check out CRAM, available March 17th on digital platforms!

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