Wait… You Didn’t Like What Horror Movie?! Or, Can’t We All Just Get Along?

One thing I love about horror fans is the great discussions that I can have with another genre buff. However, there is something that has really been grinding my gears as of late. What I am about to dive into happens quite frequently but more so ever since the release of the highly anticipated new adaptation of Stephen King’s book IT (read our review here). The topic at hand is:

Why can’t we horror fans be respectful of everyone else’s opinions?

How Dare You Like Anything Other Than Horror?!

At one point or another, we have all silently judged someone based on their movie preferences. As a person who is very active in the horror community, I know I have been on both sides of the spectrum. For example, I had posted a status about one of my favorite non-horror films, Pretty in Pink,on my own page. For reasons unknown, a random person messaged me saying, “Stick to horror, toots! No one cares about your girly posts!” First of all, excuse me for liking something other than horror! And second, don’t call me toots! This is just one example of many situations that people think are acceptable. One should not be shamed for liking other movie genres. The fact that I even have to write about it is just ridiculous. I like to think of myself as very well rounded in all aspects of film. The movies we love don’t actually define us.

You’re Just Trying To Be Edgy

When it comes to people going against the grain, everyone assumes they’re doing it to start an all out social media war. Why can’t someone just plain not like something? Why can’t they voice their opinion without others taking offense? Why must people verbally attack others because they don’t share the same opinion? Honestly, what effect does someone else’s opinion have on your like or dislike of something? None. How hard is it for fans to have honest horror movie discussions without belittling each other? The answer is: it’s not.

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I know some people get off on being bullying keyboard warriors, and I know that’s never going to change. The only thing we can do is stick to our guns and not pay mind to these offensive remarks. Also, when someone share their thoughts on something that someone else disagrees with, it’s not because they’re trying to be edgy. They are simply just voicing their thoughts. When it comes to liking or disliking a horror movie, neither opinion is wrong; they are just different. Common sense, right? Liking something is okay. Disliking something is okay. The discussion should end there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

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Let Me Shine A Light On This….

Another thing that really bugs me is hounding a person about why they like/dislike a horror movie, and then trying to make that person change their views to suit your needs. It’s pointless to badger someone to convince them that “maybe” they are wrong, and that they should see things from your point of view. It’s beyond ridiculous and a complete waste of your time and energy. I can understand a respectful debate where people give pros and cons about something that they love or hate, but when it gets to the point of name calling and low balling, it becomes an attack. Forcefully pushing your opinion on someone is not okay. We’re not all going to agree on everything. But we can respectfully agree to disagree.


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There is no reason to lose a friend over a difference of opinion. We all share a love of movies of all kinds; otherwise, we wouldn’t put ourselves out there. So before you think about clicking that unfriend button, ask yourself: Is it really worth it? Then take a step back and grow up.

Let’s quit trying to get political with our horror movie discussions and just enjoy the damn movies! Oh, and stop the name calling! Everyone has different tastes and opinions of what makes a great horror film and that’s awesome. It would be boring if we all thought the same way. In conclusion, let us at PopHorror know what your favorite scary movie is in the comments and please be respectful of everyone! Horror lovers unite!


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