Tony Scott’s THE HUNGER (1983) Turns 40! – Ten Fun Facts

Tony Scott’s The Hunger turns 40 this month. To celebrate PopHorror compiled a list of fun facts about the film. The Hunger follows John (David Bowie), who is the lover of the gorgeous immortal vampire Miriam (Catherine Deneuve), and he’s been led to believe that he’ll live forever, too. Unfortunately, he quickly deteriorates into a horrible living death, and Miriam seeks a new companion.

Fun Facts:

  1. David Bowie actually learned to play the cello for his music scenes.

2. One day during filming, costume designer Milena Canonero, who is famously dedicated to her craft, disappeared and was nowhere to be found. It was discovered eventually that she had flown to Rome to purchase fabric for a handkerchief David Bowie is supposed to wear. Unable to find a fabric she liked in London, Canonero had flown to Rome at her own expense to find the fabric she needed instead.

The Hunger

3. David Bowie said of this film after it was made: “I must say, there’s nothing that looks like it on the market. But I’m a bit worried that it’s just perversely bloody at some points”.

4. David Bowie said that, in order to make his voice suitably hoarse for when he aged so drastically in the movie, he stood on the George Washington Bridge every night and screamed all the punk rock songs he knew.

5. This film is dedicated in memory of Tony Scott’s brother Frank Scott. Tony’s big brother, Ridley Scott dedicated Blade Runner (1982) to Frank.

6. David Bowie was reportedly somewhat intimidated by Catherine Deneuve but got on easily with Susan Sarandon.

The Hunger

7. In an interview with The Daily Beast in late July, 2014, Susan Sarandon revealed that she had an affair with David Bowie while the two were working on this film.

8. Despite this being a movie about vampires, the word ‘vampire’ is never uttered.

9. Though set in New York, nearly all of the picture was shot in London.

10. While working in London on this film, Susan Sarandon first met Rupert Everett, Ian McKellen, and Suzanne Bertish, people she stayed friends with for decades after. On the DVD commentary for the film, she also said she was still in contact with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.

In Conclusion…

The Hunger still confuses me when I watch it, mainly the ending, but I don’t care because where else are you going to get David Bowie as a vampire? It’s definitely worth a watch if you have never seen it. If you have seen it give it another watch because it’s just that good.

Do you know any fun facts about The Hunger that we missed? Post them in the comments!

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