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‘The Nightmare Gallery’ (2019) Film Review: A Descent Into A Museum Of Madness

In horror, ancient mystical artifacts and obsession typically spells disaster. This is no different in The Orpheus Protocol’s Gene Blalock’s latest haunting feature film, The Nightmare Gallery. Bolstering a budget of which most shoestring indie films could only dream of, this feature’s financial backing still falls significantly below the average …

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‘The Orpheus Protocol’ YouTube Series Pilot Review

It is imperative for any series pilot to captivate its audience, leaving little room for error. In his upcoming series, The Orpheus Protocol, Filmmaker Gene Blalock (The Nightmare Gallery 2019) does this and more in just 12 short minutes. Luring you in with an interrogation by Homeland Security on a …

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Rachel Amanda Bryant: A New, Inspirational Face in Indie Horror

Known in the horror genre as Women in Horror Month, February has become that much more important with the #MeToo movement sweeping across Hollywood. The beautiful, kind and talented writer/producer Rachel Amanda Bryant recently broke into the indie horror scene starring in Jason Horton’s latest Gas Money Pictures film, The …

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