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Review of the Paz Brothers’ Jewish Frankenstein Film, The Golem (2018)

Just what is a golem? That’s the question I had when going into the Paz Brothers’ most recent film, The Golem. According to My Jewish Learning: “A golem is a clay creature that has been magically brought to life. The name comes from the Hebrew word ‘golem,’ which means something incomplete …

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Interview with ‘The Golem’s’ Doron Paz

Doron Paz and his brother, Yoav, set out this year to make a film about the mythological golem. Doron, who fondly calls it the “Jewish Frankenstein,” wanted to give it a proper movie, one that captures the darkness of it. And that they did, creating a moving, and breathtaking film …

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Dread Central Presents the Trailer and Poster for ‘The Golem’

the golem

In anticipation of the European premiere at FrightFest, Epic Pictures is proud to present a new trailer and poster for The Golem! This new feature film is from the directors of Jeruzalem. The film will continue its festival run including a slot at Sitges International Film Festival before debuting in the …

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Virtual Reality JeruZalem Sequel in the Works

One of the reasons found footage has been such an enduring subgenre is that it creates an immersive world that pulls its audiences into the nightmare. Now, the Israeli filmmakers who helmed last year’s religious horror JeruZalem are taking cinematic engagement to new heights with a planned sequel that will …

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