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‘SUITABLE FLESH’ Coming To VHS From Witter Entertainment

Suitable Flesh

Suitable Flesh is badass (read our review here) and currently streaming on Shudder. Tapeheads can rejoice, though, because the Lovecraftian body horror is coming to VHS from Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan! Read on for the details! From The Witter Entertainment Press Release SUITABLE FLESH comes to VHS in classic …

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Pre-Orders Now Available for ‘Psycho Goreman’ on VHS

Pre-orders are now available from Witter Entertainment and director Steven Kostanski (The Void) for the VHS version of the classic film Psycho Goreman. We loved it (you can read our review here)! Special Features: Each tape includes a letter from director Steven Kostanski (The Void) and special features following the …

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Coming Soon On VHS: V/H/S/99 And V/H/S/94!

Coming soon on limited edition VHS from Broke Horror Fan and officially licensed from RLJE Films/Shudder are V/H/S/99 and V/H/S/94! V/H/S/94: Synopsis: A police S.W.A.T. team investigate a mysterious VHS tape and discover a sinister cult that has pre-recorded material which uncovers a nightmarish conspiracy. Tape details: Returning after a …

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Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Bring ‘KILL HER GOATS’ to VHS

kill her goats movie

WithAnO Productions, after announcing the release of their film Kill Her Goats, launched a Kickstarter campaign to put the 80s-style slasher film on VHS. The film is directed by Steve Wolsh (Muck), and stars Kane HodderHatchet), Ellie Gonsalves Zebra), and Arielle Raycene (About Pie). KILL HER GOATS VHS Kickstarter Details …

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‘TERRIFIER 2’ (2022) VHS Coming From Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment

VHS aficionados and Art The Clown fans rejoice! TERRIFIER 2 (2022) (read our review here) is getting a special edition VHS treatment from the folks at Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment. Read on for the details! TERRIFIER 2 VHS Details From Broke Horror Fan Broke Horror Fan presents Terrifier …

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‘Death Drop Gorgeous’ (2021) Coming To VHS Through Witter Entertainment

We’ve got more VHS news from Broke Horror Fan and Witter Entertainment! From the press release: Death Drop Gorgeous is coming to our official VHS lineup from Broke Horror Fan on March 9th, 2022 12PM EST/9 AM PST! The standard edition, shown above, features art by Juan José Saldarriaga while …

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Danishka Esterhazy’s ‘Slumber Party Massacre’ (2021) Drills Into VHS Through Witter Entertainment

In our review for Danishka Esterhazy’s (The Banana Splits Movie 2019 – our review) Slumber Party Massacre (2021), a reboot of Amy Holden Jones’ 1982 film, our reviewer said: “It doesn’t take long before things get messy, bloody, and gory, but you’ll love every minute of it.”  If that doesn’t get …

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Casey Tebo’s ‘Black Friday’ Available Now for Pre-Order on VHS Through Witter Entertainment

Available now from Broke Horror Fan, Screen Media, and director Casey Tebo (Happy Birthday) is a new horror/comedy called Black Friday. The film stars Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead franchise), Devon Sawa (Hunter, Hunter), Ivana Baquero (Pan’s Labyrinth), Ryan Lee (Dimension 404), and Stephen Peck (The Night is Young). Synopsis: …

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‘Black Friday’ (2021) Coming To Collector’s Edition VHS

Black Friday

Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan keep doing their part to keep your VCRs happy. Their latest release? The all-new, horror-comedy Black Friday! This all-new limited edition VHS tape is coming soon. When does it drop and how can you get it? Check out the trailer below, then read on …

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Limited Edition ‘Tragedy Girls’ (2017) VHS Now on Sale

Tragedy Girls

Tragedy Girls (2017) is one of our favorite films here at PopHorror. You can read our review here. Witter Entertainment, in partnership with Broke Horror Fan, have announced limited edition, fully functional VHS. Read on for more information! Tragedy Girls has arrived on VHS, tape fans! Presented by Broke Horror …

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