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‘It Came From The Desert’ (2017) Movie Review

It Came from the Desert

One of my first loves in horror is monster movies. I grew up watching King Kong, Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and Frankenstein Conquers the World. To this day, no matter the budget or affect quality, I still love creature features and will watch any I can get my hands on, so …

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‘It Came From The Desert!’ Is Heading To VOD

It Came From The Desert

Giant ant technology has come a long way since Them! (1954) and even Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (1989). Want proof? Check out Raven Banner Entertainment‘s latest giant ant film, It Came From The Desert! Giant ants run wild, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting teens and townsf0lk in this upcoming fun, action-thriller, …

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New Posters for Giant Ant Film ‘It Came From the Desert’

When was the last time your television was overrun by giant ants? It might have been in 1954 when the radioactive creature feature Them! first premiered. Or maybe it was two decades later when you caught Empire of the Ants in 1977. But maybe, just maybe, your first interaction with …

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