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‘Don’t Breathe’ (2016): Leaving Fans Breathless – Retro Review

It’s been five years since the unique film, Don’t Breathe, hit theaters, and it caused one of the most chilling public experiences for moviegoers. The entire premise of Don’t Breathe is that a band of robbers break into the home of a blind man, expecting an easy score. What they get …

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PopHorror’s Horror Anime Reviews: AniMay Week 1 – Higurashi/When They Cry

When They Cry

There are very few horror movies that affect me like the ones that come out of Japan. Steeped in the myths and folklore of the region and dripping with a pantheon of fears I don’t understand but feel with every inch of my skin, Japanese horror movies like Takashi Miike’s …

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First Ever ‘North Bend Film Festival’ Details Announced

North Bend Film Festival

North Bend is best known as the original shooting location for Twin Peaks. The town will soon be know for hosting the first ever North Bend Film Festival later this year. The festival aims to fill the programming void for progressive audiences in the Pacific Northwest, and provide a platform for …

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FGBFF (2018) – ‘The Contest’ Horror Short Review

This film intrigued me right from the start with this description: “The Contest is a twisted homage to the wonderful and strange Twin Peaks and cherry pie.” I knew right away that this was one I wanted to watch. The Contest is a female driven dark comedy short that runs …

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Check Out the New Stuff in the PopHorror Shop!

Just recently, PopHorror opened a brand new store full of all kinds of delicious horror goodies. There’s a tab for it right at the top of every page on our site under SHOP. Have you checked it out yet? If not, you should! Look at some of this awesome stuff! …

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David Lynch Is No Longer Interested In Making Movies

David Lynch revolutionized cinema with films like Eraserhead in 1977, and Mulholland Dr. in 2001. Unfortunately, we may not be seeing any feature films from Lynch in the future. Could this really be true? Find out down below! According to Pitchfork.com, David Lynch told The Sydney Morning Herald that he is …

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