They're Inside

‘They’re Inside’ (2019) Movie Review: Expect the Unexpected

Ever since I watched the first trailer for They’re Inside, I wanted to check it out. Although in many ways it looks like your average home invasion film, something about it intrigued me. It just felt like there was more to the story and I was about to find out…

This is the directorial debut of filmmaker John-Paul Panelli. It is produced by Derek Dennis Herbert and Andrew Barcello, the team behind the acclaimed documentary To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story.

The film stars Karli Hall (Haunt), Amanda Kathleen Ward (Fate), Jake Ferree (True Detective), Sascha Ghafoor (The Wedding Invitation), Chelsea D. Miller (Spaceman), Alex Rinehart (The Black Room), and Matthew Peschio.

They're Inside

Synopsis for They’re Inside

When two sisters go to an isolated cabin in the woods to film a passion project, family secrets start to get in the way… as do masked strangers filming a passion project of their own.

They’re Inside is definitely more evolved than your average home invasion story. There’s many layers packed full of emotion, tension, and horror. It has so much going on but still takes time to build a relationship with the characters so that you understand them and their actions.

They're Inside

All of the performances were great with excellent and effortless chemistry between the characters. Karil Hall played Robin perfectly – so much so that sometimes I just wanted to shake her. She’s one of those characters that you feel for but also want to be like “what the fuck are you doing? Why are you not listening?” Amanda Kathleen Ward’s performance really stood out to me. She acted with her whole body, and you can see and feel the trauma she she was going through not only from what was happening in the present but in the past as well.

Both killers were sensationally sadistic and fun. They reminded me a lot between a mix of The Strangers and the characters from the original Purge. Criminally insane. No motive. Just a lust for blood and killing. The masks make them feel non-human and unstoppable. They’re always two steps ahead. Alex Rinehart’s character may look like the girl next door, but will slit your throat without hesitation or remorse. Meanwhile, Matthew Peschio’s character is eerily charming and intelligent and uses that to his advantage.

They're Inside

The ending was one of my favorite parts as I didn’t expect that outcome at all and it is what undoubtedly makes They’re Inside stand out from other home invasion type of films. It delivers a batshit crazy twist that almost seems like karma must have a sick and twisted sense of humor.

Final Thoughts

If you love films that involve family drama, tension, twists, and two maniacs on the loose… then They’re Inside is for you. DREAD will be releasing this new horror film on July 16th to VOD and Blu-Ray! So make sure to check it out and stay tuned for our upcoming interviews with the cast!

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