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Bruckner Strikes Again: ‘THE NIGHT HOUSE’ (2020) – Spoiler-Free Review

2020 was an insane year. From a devastating pandemic, worldwide police brutality marches, a bizarre election, missing toilet paper, and spicy chicken sandwiches (Popeye’s was better). While the pandemic had us on lockdown, movie theaters weren’t deemed essential. Production studios had to reconstruct their model to get movies to the …

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XYZ Films Acquires Mark Meir’s Supernatural Thriller, ‘The Summoned’ (2022)

XYZ films has just purchased Mark Meir’s The Summoned. The film just premiered at the Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans, LA. The distributor is looking at North American release in July of 2022. The film was directed by Mark Meir (AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead) and the script was …

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Interview with Elbert van Strien, Director of Supernatural Thriller ‘Marionette’

Elbert van Strien

If you’re looking for a new spooky film to check out, the new supernatural thriller, Marionette, is definitely one I’d recommend. I recently had a chat with the director, Elbert van Strien, about his career, how he came with the idea for Marionette, the casting process, and much more! PopHorror …

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Coming To VOD And Digital: Tharun Mohan’s ‘The Darkness’ (2021)

We have all wanted to get away sometimes, to take a nice vacation in a secluded cabin in the middle of nowhere. What could possibly go wrong? We answer that question in Tharun Mohan’s The Darkness. Lisa just wanted to get away to write her new novel, but she is …

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Movie Review: ‘What Lies Below’ (2020) Is Brilliantly Uncomfortable

what lies below

Every time I see this title, I can’t help but think about 2000’s horror thriller, What Lies Beneath, but What Lies Below couldn’t be any different. I knew something was fishy from the beginning but man this film had many twists and turns. Written by Braden R. Duemmler, who also …

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Interview With Actor Corbin Bernsen For ‘A Deadly Legend’ (2020)

One thing you will never find me doing is attending, holding or being in any part of a seance. They’re all cool in theory, like a Ouija Board, but I am way too scared of opening a portal and letting out some bat-shit crazy, pissed off spirit. Ain’t nobody got …

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‘Every Time I Die’ (2019) – Movie Review

We all deal with death in our own way. But what if it was our own death that we were dealing with? In Robi Michael’s (The Man Who Knew How To Fly 2010) new film, Every Time I Die, we get the answer to this question. This supernatural thriller is …

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Interview With ‘Luz’ Director Tilman Singer

In 2018, there was one movie that caught my eye. Euro-horror Luz is an impressive gem of a film whose reputation started out small, only to grow with every screening and word of mouth. I can tell you, it was well worth the wait. When filmmaker Tilman Singer set out …

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WIHFF 2018 Film Review: ‘Echoes of Fear’ is Supernatural Thriller Perfection

Trista Robinson as Alysa in 'Echoes of Fear'

For 2 years in a row, the Women in Horror Film Festival in Peachtree City, GA has served up some of the very best female-centric horror on the planet earth. I wasn’t sure festival organizers Vanessa Ionta Wright and Sam Kolesnik could top 2017’s near perfect lineup of all-killer no-filler …

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