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Franck Khalfoun’s ‘Night of the Hunted’ (2023) Movie Review

One-location horror is often the gateway to tension. When we see a beloved protagonist stranded in an enclosed space, it’s easy for us as an audience to relate to them. Even more so, it’s easy to feel like we’re in that space with them, claustrophobically immersed in every sound, corner, …

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Mike Cuenca’s ‘I’ll Be Around’ (2020) Movie Review

I’ll admit, when I was first told about I’ll Be Around, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured it’d have some good music and that there would be some sort of big plot to follow throughout the whole film. What I actually found was much more nuanced. I’ll Be Around is …

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Short Horror Film, ‘Me & My Shadow’ (2020), Shines Light On The Crisis Of Suicide – Movie Review

In the new short horror film, Me & My Shadow, directed by Steve Call (Tears In The Dust 2017), the subject of depression and suicide is touched on in an interesting and thoughtful manner. The film stars Dean Sills (Grindsploitation 2016) and clocks in at a brisk five minutes long. …

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