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Interview with Poison Rouge: Deadly Talented Beauty Talks Sacrifice

Female directors in the horror genre are a hot topic recently, stirring conversation in the indie scene. This was great timing for Unearthed Films’ purchase and distribution of American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice as part of the infamous Guinea Pig franchise. Not only is this film an intense work of horror …

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‘American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice’ (2017) Movie Review

There is no denying that body horror has its place in this genre. Gruesome display of blood, guts, intestines and disfigurement can purposefully increase discomfort among horror audiences. While we once thought mainstream American filmmakers were pushing the limits with the birth of torture porn, we were sadly mistaken when …

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Emelie (2015) – Review

I consider all movies a form of art. So I do my best to respect them, even if they do not jive with me. The other night, I decided to give 2015’s Emelie a watch. It had dynamic characters, a premise that has not been done before, and some well-shot …

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