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PopHorror’s Top 25 Favorite Horror Movies of 2018

Top 25 Favorite horror films

When I hear people say, “Man, barely any horror movies came out this year,” I just roll my eyes and laugh. Although there weren’t a lot of mainstream horror films to come out in 2018, there were a notable amount of indie horrors that are must-see masterpieces. Never limit your …

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Happy Bloody Holidays: 25 Days of Christmas Horror Movies

Christmas Horror

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Here at PopHorror, we can never get enough Christmas scares. There’s nothing quite like a bloody yuletide massacre to truly put you in the Christmas spirit, don’t you think? We scoured our collective brains and have gathered together some of our favorite holiday …

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Critical Response Teaser Trailer for ‘Secret Santa’

secret santa

One of my most highly anticipated films of 2018 is Adam Marcus‘ Secret Santa. Although some of my writers (read our review – here) have had a chance to check it out, I still have not and it’s driving me crazy. Everyone is loving this new Christmas slasher horror film and …

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PopHorror Interviews ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ & ‘Secret Santa’ Director Adam Marcus – Part 1

I recently had a horror fan’s dream fall in to my lap. I was offered the chance to interview horror director Adam Marcus. We had two big things to discuss. First, I had to ask about the documentary about the making of Jason Goes to Hell, and I also got to …

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Top 10 Highly Anticipated Indie Horror Movies of 2018: Part 2

indie horror films of 2018

It’s time for round two of the 10 most highly anticipated indie horror films of 2018. The first one was a big hit and these ones are just as great. Stay tuned for part 3 and let us know which ones you’re looking foward to! Enjoy! Secret Santa Secret Santa is …

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‘Secret Santa’ (2018) – Movie Review

What’s worse than spending Christmas with your family when they’re a bunch of assholes? How about when that asshole family starts killing each other? Welcome to Secret Santa. I had the pleasure of attending a screening of this new horror/comedy. The film was directed by Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell: …

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Trailer: “Slay” Bells Ring In ‘Secret Santa!’

Are you ready for Secret Santa? This twisted film is brought to you by the people behind Jason Goes to Hell – The Final Friday, Texas Chainsaw 3-D and From Dusk to Dawn. Secret Santa describes itself as “a wild, horrific, terrifying and oft times hysterical look at the base instincts …

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Retro Slasher ‘Secret Santa’ (2016) – Official Trailer

Many people all over the world participate in the tradition of secret Santa. Who doesn’t love getting a mysterious gift from a loved one? Well, in this retro slasher by Wild Eye Releasing, Secret Santa (2016) takes gift exchanging to the next level! Have you been naughty or nice? Check …

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