Cleopatra Entertainment To Release Brandon Slagle’s Cold Weather Thriller, ‘Frost’

The eerie quite of a frigid wilderness night makes for a feeling of isolation and ominous danger. Not to mention, any bloodshed against a snowy canvas somehow harnesses a little Giallo magic with it. Cleopatra Entertainment has announced the release of Brandon Slagle’s winter thriller, Frost. Not only does it have both rising and legendary talent on both sides of the camera, but it also has a soundtrack album with collaborators like Terry Reid, Rick Wakeman, and Geoff Downes from Yes and Asia.

From the Official Press Release:

Cleopatra Entertainment has finished production on their newest feature film, Frost.

The thriller – which was directed by Brandon Slagle with the story by James Cullen Bressack and screenplay by Robert Thompson – was filmed on location in the San Bernardino mountains in southern California during winter of 2020. After recently wrapping up final production on the upcoming Glen Danzig film Death Rider In The House Of Vampires, Bressack also produced with Tim Yasui co-producing the feature.

The film stars Vernon Wells (Mad Max II : The Road Warrior, Commando, Weird Science), Devanny Pinn (The Dawn, House Of Manson, Crossbreed) and Venus DeMilo Thomas (Life, Sister Sister, Family Matters) and tells the story of a young woman and her estranged father who have to fight to survive after being stranded on a remote mountainside during a winter storm.

A full motion picture soundtrack for Frost is scheduled for both the CD and vinyl LP formats to accompany the film’s release and features contributions by Rick Wakeman (Yes), Geoff Downes (Yes/Asia) and Terry Reid – amongst others – courtesy of Cleopatra Records.

The release date has been set for October 11, 2022 after the film has finished its film festival run.

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