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The Dreamlike Visual Poetry of ‘ESME, MY LOVE’ (2022) – Review

Esme, My Love

If you’ve read enough of my pieces, you’ll know that I appreciate differently. Especially when it comes to psychological and supernatural horror. Esme, My Love is very unique and literally like watching a movie painting. Very dreamlike. The tale begins with Hannah (Stacey Weckstein, Harlem 2023) taking her young daughter Esme (Audrey …

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Feature Film, ‘INNER CHILD,’ Child Now Live on IndieGogo!

The @thehorrorgallery Instagram account shared this super nifty and interesting crowdfunding campaign for a feature film called ‘Inner Child‘. https://youtu.be/P5xxzmNVKzc The story of ‘Inner Child‘ is based on a novella and a short screenplay of the same name from Natalie Rodriguez. The short film screenplay version of ‘Inner Child‘ placed in …

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Bruckner Strikes Again: ‘THE NIGHT HOUSE’ (2020) – Spoiler-Free Review

2020 was an insane year. From a devastating pandemic, worldwide police brutality marches, a bizarre election, missing toilet paper, and spicy chicken sandwiches (Popeye’s was better). While the pandemic had us on lockdown, movie theaters weren’t deemed essential. Production studios had to reconstruct their model to get movies to the …

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Trevor Juenger Has Brought Something New and Terrifying With ‘The Man In Room 6’ (2022) – Movie Review

Do you want a great, mind-bending, psychological thriller that will make your skin crawl and have you contemplating the real meaning of death? The Man In Room 6 is a rollercoaster of a film will enlighten and thrill you from each scene, but be wary; do NOT turn your eyes …

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Matt Cunningham’s ‘3 Demons’ (2022) Leaves You Asking “How Much Is Too Much?” – Movie Review

Mixing two ingredients is a classic way to revitalize things that have become a bit overdone on their own. Mix some jelly into your peanut butter sandwich? Wham. You’ve got PB&J. Mix some comedy into your horror movie? You’ve got a nice way for audiences to get relaxed in between …

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Looking Back On ‘The Changeling’ (1980) Retro Movie Review

George C. Scott’s hidden ghost story, The Changeling, is a timeless classic that has inspired many filmmakers since its release on March 28, 1980, including the present horror master Guillermo del Toro. Martin Scorsese called The Changeling “one of my favorite horror films of all time.” Director Peter Medak, who …

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Horror Short ‘Ouroboros’ (2018) Review: A Waking Nightmare

Have you ever experienced an uncontrollable surge of fear and panic from which you cannot find relief? A nightmare from which you cannot wake? A horror film you’re forced to experience on repeat without a pause option? Several years ago, this was my reality… a living Hell far scarier than …

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Check Out ‘Those Who Remain’ Gameplay Trailer

The choices were there. You just made the wrong ones. That’s the tagline for the brand new video game from Camel 101. On January 29, 2019, the indie gaming developer released the first official trailer for the psychological horror game, called Those Who Remain. Check out the trailer below! Official synopsis …

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Interview with Kristen Ruhlin: Screenwriter and Star of ‘Welcome to Mercy’

Kristen Ruhlin

I recently had the opportunity to watch a phenomenal psychological horror film called Welcome to Mercy (read our review – here). It’s hauntingly breathtaking, and one of the masterminds behind this story is Kristen Ruhlin, who not only wrote the screenplay but also starred in the film. Read on to …

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