Feature Film, ‘INNER CHILD,’ Child Now Live on IndieGogo!

The @thehorrorgallery Instagram account shared this super nifty and interesting crowdfunding campaign for a feature film called ‘Inner Child‘.


The story of ‘Inner Child‘ is based on a novella and a short screenplay of the same name from Natalie Rodriguez. The short film screenplay version of ‘Inner Child‘ placed in the top twenty of Hollyshorts, an Academy Award-Contender film festival.

Inner Child is a story based on a night terror I had over the past three years, in which our leading character, Cassie, reckons throughout her journey. Like Cassie, I am also a survivor of abuse and grew up in a dysfunctional household. This story hits close to home for me and I know others who often can feel a sense of loss, distrust, and grief due to trauma. But there is hope, no matter what. This project is like my directorial feature film which I also wrote and self-produced, The Extraordinary Ordinary, on mental health awareness.” – Natalie Rodriguez, director, writer, and producer of ‘Inner Child

I recently heard a term while watching an interview with Fiona Dourif, ‘thoughtful horror,’ and it was something I really connected with. While I can get into a variety of horror genres, lately there’s just something that resonates deeply for me when I’m directly connecting to the story. I prefer the catharsis of seeing the characters in highly relatable situations, or coming from backgrounds and experiences I know and understand to some degree. Films like ‘The Black Phone,’ ‘The Nanny,’ and ‘Summoning Sylvia‘ fall into this category.








Two potential cast members of note are RZ’s Halloween Scout Taylor Compton & legendary scream queen Felissa Rose Esposito.

Inner Child‘ gives me a sense that it’ll be an experience. And seeing ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street‘ as a comp is equally exciting because, with Nightmare, you have something for everyone; gore, scares, and depth that you don’t even recognize is there unless you’re looking for it.

You can follow @innerchild on the socials for regular updates and news, and of course, visit the IndieGogo page to get all the details of the campaign and its donation perks.


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