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Dustin Ferguson’s ‘Rattlers 2’ (2021): 45 Years Later, The Snakes Are Back – Movie Review

Back in 1976, a film called Rattlers was released. Directed by John McCauley, this “science bastardizes nature” film told the story of a group of ticked off, mutated rattlesnakes that were genetically altered after a hushed up chemical spill at the fault of the Army. Forty-five years later, a resurgence …

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New Stills Leaked From The Set Of ‘Los Angeles Shark Attack’!

Looks like the water’s not safe again, swimmers! Director Dustin Ferguson’s (Amityville: Evil Never Dies 2017 – read our review here) new film, Los Angeles Shark Attack, has new on set stills out! The film stars Robowoman’s Dawna Lee Heising (read our interview with her here), Brinke Stevens (The Slumber …

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New Selections Announced for 2019 AOF Megafest


Three films have just been announced as Official Selections of Del Weston’s 2019 Action on Film Megafest International Film Festivals & Writers Competitions. Dark Classics, RoboWoman, and Black Mamba are all official selections. In addition, Dark Classics will also be an Official Selection of the 2019 Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival. The festivals …

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