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Director Mark Byrne Swerves Into Supernatural Horror With Indie Feature, ‘Remnants’ (2020)

Things look grim — and bloody — in the newly released trailer for Remnants (2020), the 10th film released by indie outfit Absurd Productions Pictures. This supernatural horror film, which was by Director Mark Byrne, appears to move in VERY different directions from his last film, the lighthearted creature feature, …

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My Favorite Horror Movie: ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Turns The Spotlight On Us, And It Isn’t Pretty

Night of the Living Dead (1968) doesn’t necessarily give audiences what they WANT, but it sure as hell gives them what they NEED. The average American filmgoer is a sucker for happy endings. They want the hero or heroine to struggle against adversity, or overcome societal ills like racism, or, …

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