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‘FRANKENSTEIN LEGACY’ Heads To Digital Platforms and VOD

Frankenstein Legacy

Paul Dudbridge’s Frankenstein Legacy is heading to digital platforms and video on demand from AMCOMRI, 101 Films, and M and M Film Productions. What is this latest Frankenstein reimagining all about? Read on for the details, trailer, poster, and release date! Synopsis Inspired by the classic Mary Shelley novel, FRANKENSTEIN …

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The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster

The Dawn of Horror Noire Horror noire is coming through in a big way! And what better way to contribute than with a Mary Shelly-inspired tale? The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster takes the core of Frankenstein, and weaves in relevant, poignant moments that are relatable to so many. …

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Movie Review: ‘A Nightmare Wakes’ (2021) Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Comes To Life

A Nightmare Wakes

Shudder has been killing it with their releases lately, and one of their new psychological thrillers is A Nightmare Wakes from Writer/Director Nora Unkel. This film is based on Mary Shelley’s writing of Frankenstein, which is steeped in accurate period details but told with a modern perspective. It stars Alix Wilton …

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Happy Birthday… Friend: ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’ (1935) Retro Review

“I love dead. Hate living,” are the tortured words spoken by Frankenstein’s monster in the timeless 1935 classic Bride of Frankenstein, which turns 85 on May 6, 2020. The legendary film was directed by James Whale (Frankenstein 1931, The Invisible Man 1933) and released by Universal in 1935, and depicts …

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Review Of Larry Fessenden’s Contemporary Frankenstein Tale, ‘Depraved’ (2019)

Anyone who’s read my reviews knows that I am a HUGE fan of anything Filmmaker Larry Fessenden does. When I interviewed him last year (read that interview here), we talked about his newest project, Depraved, a contemporary tale based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Larry had mentioned his affinity for the …

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What Does A Horror Writer Look Like, Anyway?

Freaked Out Author Lori Safranek Gives Us A Glimpse Into The World Of Woman Behind The Pen I don’t look like Stephen King. His is the face most people think of when you say “horror writer.” Delightfully craggy, that slightly menacing smile, those eyes that hint at madness. He’s the …

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Tales of Frankenstein (2018 Film Review): A Classic Monster Throwback Anthology

There are few iconic images in horror history as recognizable as Frankenstein’s monster, a creature originating from the 19th century English novelist, Mary Shelley, in her allegory story, Frankenstein. Shelley’s work captured horrific beauty immortalizing a misunderstood monster that has gone on to see countless inspirational onscreen variations throughout time. …

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New Horror Movies For May 2018

Spring isn’t the only thing that’s sprung around here! There are new horror movies popping up like black roses throughout the entire month of May. Check ’em out! May 1 Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell  (VOD, DVD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtgKPyWExDI The sequel finds Burt Gummer and his son Travis at a …

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Top 50 Women In Horror Movies and Thrillers, Part 2

In honor of Women in Horror Month, PopHorror has compiled a list of the Top 50 Women In Horror Movies and Thrillers. This list contains ladies from movies, TV shows, books, writers and short films. This is part two of our list so if you haven’t done so make sure you …

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Top 50 Women In Horror Movies and Thrillers, Part 1

In honor of Women in Horror month, PopHorror has compiled a list of our Top 50 Women in Horror Movies and Thrillers. This list includes ladies from movies, books, TV shows, writers, and short films. Because we have found so many talented women to add, we have decided to split …

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