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Interview With Filmmaker/Actress Pollyanna McIntosh

Lucky McKee’s film, The Woman (2011), is a masterpiece. Gritty, raw, violent and disturbing, it leaves you feeling dirty, like your body is covered in grime and sweat. You can smell it, feel it, taste it. So when I heard that The Woman herself, Pollyanna McIntosh, was directing the sequel, …

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‘Darlin’ (2019) Sequel To ‘The Woman’ Movie Review

Anyone who knows me or has read my PopHorror bio knows that I love everything about Lucky McKee’s (read our interview with him here) film, The Woman (2011), which was based on the Off Season book series by the late Jack Ketchum. This cannibalistic gem is actually a sequel to Andrew …

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‘The Walking Dead’ Star Pollyanna McIntosh Makes Directorial Debut With ‘Darlin’ at Cannes

Pollyanna McIntosh

Fans of The Walking Dead know Pollyanna McIntosh as the sly Jadis. However, her talent doesn’t stop there. Pollyanna has finished filming her directorial debut, Darlin‘. As reported in Hollywood Reporter exclusive, MPI Media Group will be introducing the film at Cannes for potential buyers. The film is a continuation of …

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