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Will It Work? The Hellish Grief of ‘Hereditary’ (2018) and ‘Antichrist’ (2013) Double Feature

Welcome to a new series where, every week, PopHorror picks a horror movie and tries to find a risky or unexpected double feature. We write up our reasons and then take to social media to find out if our pick is a great night at the theater or a disappointing …

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Showing of Lars von Trier’s Unrated ‘The House That Jack Built’ – Movie Review

No matter how you may feel towards filmmaker Lars von Trier personally, it’s hard to negate the fact that he has the ability to make some incredibly unique pieces of art. But his craft comes at a price, a price many are not willing to pay. His previous films have …

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‘The House That Jack Built’ was Too Gruesome for Cannes

the house that jack built

Several of my friends today have messaged me about a huge walkout that happened at Cannes. Apparently, it happened when audiences were watching a screening of IFC Films’ The House That Jack Built. According to Bloody Disgusting, hundreds of people walked out. Describing it as vile, vomitive, and torturous. Honestly, that …

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