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Two John Carpenter Classics Returning To Theaters This Fall

They Live

Two John Carpenter classic films, They Live (1988) and Christine (1983) are returning to theaters this Fall, courtesy of Fathom Events! They Live is celebrating 35 years and Christine is celebrating 40 years, so can you imagine a better time to catch them on the big screen? Where and when …

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Interview With Jeremiah Kipp, August Maturo, And Mike Manning For ‘Slapface’

Everyone deals with their problems—whether it’s trauma, bullying, depression, grief— differently. I lock it up all inside and keep it from most people. Probably not the healthiest, but it’s just the way I do it. In Jeremiah Kipp’s feature length version of his short film, Slapface, brothers Lucas and Tom …

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John Carpenter’s ‘THE THING’ (1982) Returning To Theaters

Many consider John Carpenter’s THE THING (1982) to be one of the greatest horror films of all time. It’s my favorite. It’s Seth’s favorite, too (read his tribute here)! The film turns 40 years old this month, if you can believe it? The film’s age means a lot of us, …

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Debra Neil-Fisher’s ‘Unplugging’ (2022) Stars Eva Longoria, Keith David, and Lea Thompson

Social media and internet access has become a huge crutch on society. Anything you need to know, we can Google. We have instant GPS if we’re lost, and if there’s trouble, we can call anyone from just about anywhere for help. It’s only been about 15 years since smart phones …

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Blu-Ray Review: ‘CREEPSHOW Season 2’ (2021) Delivers A Mix Of Horrifyingly Wonderful Tales!

I’m incredibly impressed by CREEPSHOW Season 2. The five-episode season and bonus episodes A Creepshow Animated Special and A Creepshow Holiday Special from showrunner Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) star Kevin Dillon (Entourage), Ted Raimi (Buddy Thunderstruck), Ali Larter (House On Haunted Hill), Thomas Howell (The Amazing Spider-Man), Iman Benson (Alexa and Katie), …

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Movie Review: Welcome to the Blumhouse’s ‘Black As Night’ (2021) Sinks Its Teeth Deep Into Diversity and Representation

Black As Night

Next up in the Welcome to the Blumouse series is Black As Night. This film was directed by Maritte Lee Go and written by Sherman Payne. It stars Asjha Cooper, Fabrizio Guido, Mason Beauchamp, Abbie Gayle with Craig Tate, and Keith David. The film was also executive produced by Jason …

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‘The Last Kids On Earth And The Staff Of Doom’ Releases On Consoles And PC Today!

I recently had the amazing opportunity to interview Max Brallier, the author of one of my favorite book series. I’ve loved The Last Kids on Earth series since the first book, and I’m always excited to read new adventures from pun-loving Jack, creative and industrious Quint, investigative badass June and …

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Interview With ‘Last Kids On Earth’ Author Max Brallier

Back in the fall of 2015, I picked up a new book from the Juvenile Fiction shelf at the library where I work. As the assistant to the Children’s Librarian, I make it a point to read as many J-Fic books as possible so I can recommend the best ones …

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First Look: Trailer and Poster for STXfilms’ ‘Horizon Line’

Horizon Line

From the creators of 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Shallows, Horizon Line is a thrilling survival story about two former lovers, who discover new altitudes of fear aboard a single-engine Cessna plane. Check out the poster and trailer down below! From STXfilms, this film was directed by Mikael Marcimain and …

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Production Begins On Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’ Season 2


Shudder’s original series Creepshow was a big hit with horror fans and a massive success for AMC’s horror streaming network. We were super stoked to learn they’ve already done a script order for Season 3. That’s awesome! But what about Season 2? That’s in the works, too. In fact, they …

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