Debra Neil-Fisher’s ‘Unplugging’ (2022) Stars Eva Longoria, Keith David, and Lea Thompson

Social media and internet access has become a huge crutch on society. Anything you need to know, we can Google. We have instant GPS if we’re lost, and if there’s trouble, we can call anyone from just about anywhere for help. It’s only been about 15 years since smart phones became the norm, yet we all can’t imagine life without one.

In Debra Neil-Fisher’s 2022 film, Unplugging, a couple find out just how much they depend on their devices when they find themselves in an interestingly dangerous situation while out at a mountain cabin. Will they survive without the rest of the world’s help?

In theaters April 22, 2022 and Available on Digital and On Demand April 29, 2022

Directed by: Debra Neil-Fisher

Written by: Brad Morris and Matt Walsh

Starring: Eva Longoria, Matt Walsh, Keith David, Lea Thompson, Al Madrigal, and Nicole Byer

Rating: R for language, some sexual content and brief drug use

Run Time: 94 minutes


Think a rustic getaway with no cell service, internet or social media is a romantic way to revive your marriage and revitalize your sex life? Think again. When Jeanine (Eva Longoria) and Dan (Matt Walsh) realize the only spark in the bedroom is from the wall socket, Dan proposes a quiet, relaxing weekend in a remote mountain town as the solution to rekindle and recharge. No kids, no phones, no social media—only clean fresh air and lots of romance. But what starts as the perfect weekend getaway quickly spirals out of control with unearthly encounters, strong edibles, cranky locals, and a pesky one-eyed dog. Without GPS to guide them or social media to save them, Dan and Jeanine are forced to rediscover what truly matters—each other.

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