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Gravitas Ventures Nabs Michael Hall’s ‘Carrion’ (2020)


Gravitas Ventures sends word that they’ve struck a deal with Cyfuno Ventures to release Michael Hall’s film, Carrion (2020). A renowned visual FX artist, Hall is known for his work on films like Planet Terror (2007), Prometheus (2012), and Pacific Rim (2013). Carrion is his feature film directorial debut. Read …

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Poster and Details for Johnny Macabre’s Directorial Debut, ‘This House of Death’

this house of death

This House of Death… will anyone make it out alive? I’ve known Johnny Macabre for the past 4 or so years. In that time, he’s created quite the name for himself from running a website, to producing a plethora a films, and mostly always helping out others reach their goals …

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‘Crepitus’ (2018) Movie Review: Horrifyingly Depraved, Sadistically Wonderful

Bill Moseley as Crepitus

It’s a surreal moment when you finally get to watch a film that you’ve been hearing about for years, riding the wave from its initial conception to the eventual post-production. You build up an expectation of what it will be like, hoping against hope that it’s everything you want it …

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