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The Best Horror Sequel?! ‘WHEN A STRANGER CALLS BACK’ (1993) Review & Interview With Jill Schoelen

In 1979, Jill Johnson (Carol Kane, The Princess Bride – 1987) was babysitting when she received an ominous phone call from an unknown voice. “Have you checked the children?” a raspy voice lets out. Tormented by these calls, Jill calls the police in hopes to get help in tracking down …

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Joseph Ruben’s ‘The Stepfather’ (1987): How Well Do You Know Someone? – Retro Review

The Stepfather 

Initially released 35 years ago on January 27, 1987, Joseph Ruben’s The Stepfather centers on a character named Henry (Terry O’Quinn)… or wait, is he Jerry? Or maybe Bill? Well, whatever his name is, we know he swims away from one life to the next, looking for the perfect family …

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Popcorn (1991) – Still Popping 25 Years Later

Ever watched a movie as a child and then many years later you can’t find it to buy? Well, this seems to happen to me a lot. Especially with 90’s films. If I do seem to find one it’s usually a dubbed copy or it’s a way expensive out of …

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