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Higgins Haven Lives Again: Steve Miner’s ‘Friday the 13th: Part 3’ (1982) House To Be Built Again At Filming Location

Back in 2006, someone thought it would be funny to set Friday the 13th Part III’s (1982 – read our retro review here) Higgins Haven house on fire. The guy actually went on a Friday the 13th forum and posted a picture of the house going up in flames after …

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Randall M. Badat’s ‘Surf II: The End Of The Trilogy’ (1983) Vinegar Syndrome 2k Restoration Blu-Ray Review

I was so excited when I opened my Vinegar Syndrome review package and found a 2k restoration Blu-ray of Randall M. Badat’s cult film, Surf II: The End Of The Trilogy. Gnarly! Despite this being the filmmaker’s only time in the director’s chair, he managed to pull together a story …

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