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Slasher Feature ‘The Lurker’ Takes a Bow with Scout Taylor-Compton this April 14th!

The Lurker

Indican Pictures will debut The Lurker on DVD and Digital platforms this April. This feature is a slasher film, influenced by the Golden era of slasher films. Check out the poster, trailer, and other information about the film down below! Eric Liberacki wrote and directed the film. The cast includes …

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Anne-Sophie Dutoit’s ‘Ballet Blanc’ Coming to Theaters Soon

Indican Pictures will be bringing director Anne-Sophie Dutoit’s (Faded Memories 2008) new horror film, Ballet Blanc, to select theaters starting this November. The film stars Shelley Starrett (Get Short 2017), Colter Carlbom-Mann (Happy Hunting 2017), Brian Woods (Cut! 2014) and newcomer Franco Fox. A theatrical release is planned for November …

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Killer Clown Feature ‘Crepitus’ to Debut in U.S. Theatres this November


Crepitus (read our review – here) is a film we’ve been supporting from day one. It’s about an immortal cannibalistic clown who loves munching on children. Crepitus had its World Premiere in 2018 at the Spooky Empire Film Festival and won Best Feature. And now, for those who have been …

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Horror Film ‘Beloved Beast’ Moves to Theatres and Digital Platforms

Beloved Beast

Indican Pictures is set to release the Holbrookian horror film Beloved Beast. Directed by Jonathan Holbrook, this film runs unbelievably three hours long. Truly an epic horror film, Beloved Beast involves an escaped mental patient and a young girl, who he befriends in a nearby wood. Set to release in October, this …

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‘100 Acres Of Hell’ Heading To Theaters and Home Video

100 Acres Of Hell

100 Acres of Hell is a slasher film, influenced by the golden age of ‘80s slashers. It was shot and developed by Hank Leigh Hump and writer Jason Koerner. WWE wrestler Gene Snitsky stars alongside wrestling legend The Great Samu (Sam Anoai). It looks like a lot of fun! Check …

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Tattoo Horror ‘Perfect Skin’ Bleeds Ink this September

Perfect Skin

Tattoo horror Perfect Skin is bleeding ink this September and we can’t for everyone to see it. Check out the details for the film including the poster and trailer down below. This horror thriller from director Kevin Chicken and writer Dusan Tolmac. The film stars Richard Brake (3 from Hell), …

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Indican Pictures Delivers Salvation with ‘The Church’

Bill Moseley in The Church

The Church is an indie horror thriller that everyone will want to check out! It has a killer cast and crew and a fun storyline. The film is already available on digital platforms, but will be getting a new DVD release this August! Check out the poster and trailer down …

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‘Killer Unicorn’ (2018) Premieres In LA and Select Cities

A group of queer friends is stalked by a unicorn masked killer out for revenge, taking down one drag queen at a time… Celebrate Pride Month in style with Killer Unicorn! This campy queer slasher film had its premiere in LA on June 14 and is now playing in New York, …

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Indie Thriller ‘Made Me Do It’ Heads To DVD and VOD!

Made Me Do It

The dark, indie thriller Made Me Do It (read our review here) is the latest title from distributor Indican Pictures. The film takes a  psychological look at the creation of a serial killer. Shot using almost 100% practical effects, this picture is the first full length feature film from director …

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Sid Haig’s ‘High On The Hog’ Hits Select Theaters Soon!

Indican Pictures sends word they’ve picked up distribution rights to Tony Wash’s Grindhouse horror comedy feature High on the Hog. The film stars Sid Haig (3 From Hell), Joe Estevez (Public Enemy) and Robert Z’dar (Maniac Cop), in his final film role. The genre bending film tells the story of …

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