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He’s No Dummy – Actor Bill Oberst, Jr. Talks ‘Handy Dandy,’ Ray Bradbury, And Bill Moseley’s Beard

It’s always such a joy to talk to Actor Bill Oberst, Jr. You would never know that such a quiet, self-deprecating man lives behind the faces of some of the creepiest deviant characters out there. In his career, he’s portrayed a Nazi war criminal, a determined detective, a pedophilic monster, …

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Hunting Grounds (2015) – Movie Review

In recent years, Bigfoot has come back into vogue for horror movie creators. The giant, hirsute forest dweller has had his story told many times over the past few years, labeling him as a bloodthirsty monster far removed from the Harry and the Henderson‘s gentle giant. With movies like Abominable (2006), …

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What’s New in Horror for February 2017

Looking for some new horror to bloody your Valentine’s Day? Look no further! We at PopHorror are bringing you the newest horror movies coming out this February, either through VOD, DVD or theater release. Check out our list and let us know what you’re most looking forward to next month. …

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