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A New Take On An Old Tale: ‘The Lure’ (2015) Movie Review

I’m an absolute sucker for musicals, especially ones that involve horror elements. Some of my favorites include The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, Repo: The Genetic Opera, and The Phantom of the Paradise. Months ago, I saw the trailer for the Polish horror musical …

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Check out the Trailer for the Troma Feature Musical ‘Spidarlings’

The next Troma distribution is coming your way this summer! Do you love cheesy horror? Do you love musicals? If so, this one is for you! Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz present a Troma Team release called Spidarligs. Check out the trailer down below! Spidarlings is a labor of love and madness which has …

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The Devil’s Carnival (2012) Lose Your Soul, Learn A Lesson

The Devil’s Carnival is one of those films that you stumble upon. It is that old book in the attic you notice after living in the house for 10 years. I myself found it by scrolling through Netflix and it caught my eye. After reading the description, I felt compelled to …

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