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[Exclusive] First Poster and Stills for ‘Bonejangles 2’

exclusive still from Bonejangles 2

Last year, I was lucky enough to watch and review Brett DeJager’s crazy supernatural horror slasher, Bonejangles. It wasn’t like anything I had seen before and the mix of sub-genres was something uniquely special. Also quite bizarre. That’s why I’m super excited to announce that it won’t be long before …

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Announcement: A Slice of Fright Film Festival

A Slice of Fright

Two of my favorite things are horror anthologies and film festivals. A Slice of Fright is combining this love by launching a new festival that supports the creative minds behind independent cinema. Check out the details down below and make sure to submit your work! Official Press Release for A …

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Fans Create Petition For ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ Definitive Director’s Cut

jason goes to hell

Horror fans love petitions to help create and raise awareness to things they (we) are passionate about. In the past month, there’s been quite a few, however, there’s a new one out that’s gaining some reach. Two dedicated fans are calling out other Friday the 13th fans to help sign …

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Interview with Vito Trabucco, Director of ‘Never Open the Door’

With the horror genre, there’s always a new and upcoming director, producer, writer, or actor making waves in the horror community. Vito Trabucco is all of these. He is known for his movies such as Hooligan’s Valley (2005), Slices (2008), Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, and most recently Never Open the Door …

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Killer Rack (2015) Have I Told You I Loved You? Review

Sometimes when I’m feeling less then fresh, I like a little comedy to go along with my horror. A lot of the times, these two genres go hand in hand. So when a friend sent me over the trailer for Killer Rack and mentioned that it was streaming on Amazon, I was …

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Fantastic News: ITN Distribution Swipes Right on Slasher.com!

We have some fantastic news for horror fans everywhere! Mucho Mucho Mucho Productions, in association with Firefly Films, has scored an epic deal with ITN Distribution for the release of the popular indie horror film, Slasher.com.  This is Chip Gubera’s latest feature and puts a lovely depraved twist on modern dating …

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Party Night (2017): Blood, Gore, and More… Oh My!

Slashers are always a beloved favorite among horror fans because they have plenty of blood, gore, and sex… I mean, what’s not love? Party Night (2017) delivers a modern day slasher story that’s a blood-splattered love letter to ’80s horror films. But did it succeed at creating an homage to …

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Silently Within Your Shadow (2015) – Short Horror Film Review

Let’s be honest here – puppets are freaking creepy. Everything about them gives me goosebumps, but their glassy-eyed stare has always haunted me. I never was a fan of owning porcelain dolls and I sure as hell would never own a puppet of any kid. I guess that means I’ll never …

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My Little Miracle (2017) – Official Teaser and News

We loved Happenstance and now George James Fraser brings us a new horror short called, My Little Miracle (2017). Check out the teaser down below, but beware…. it truly is a tease! Stained Glass and Blood Bath Productions present a new intense story that dives deep into a world of darkness …

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