Interview with Vito Trabucco, Director of ‘Never Open the Door’

With the horror genre, there’s always a new and upcoming director, producer, writer, or actor making waves in the horror community. Vito Trabucco is all of these. He is known for his movies such as Hooligan’s Valley (2005), Slices (2008), Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, and most recently Never Open the Door (2016). PopHorror had the privilege of sitting down with Vito and discussing how he got involved in the film industry, details behind Don’t Open the Door, upcoming projects, and more!
vito trabucco
PopHorror – Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with us, Vito. First question, what inspired you to work in the film industry?
Vito Trabucco – I can’t remember really what inspired me to enter the film industry. I think it was to pick up chicks.
PopHorror – (Laughs) Well, that’s definitely one way to do it. Is directing something you always wanted to do or have you wanted to act as well?
Vito Trabucco – I definitely don’t want to be an actor. I’d have to be the goofy looking guy in everything. I did take a Strasberg class here in Hollywood taught by the great character actor Steve Railsback. I thought it would make me a better director. Maybe it did. I don’t know. I don’t know much. That’s why I drink.
PopHorror – Well, you’re definitely doing something right and you’re funny too! Have you always had a passion for horror?
Vito Trabucco – I have a passion for all movies. But yeah, I love horror. Second to only mobster movies.
PopHorror – That’s awesome. What was the first film you ever made?
Vito Trabucco – I think technically the first feature I worked on was in 2001. It was a film called South Florida. I was a first time producer and it shows. I’m not sure what came of the film. It was a fun experience though because it kept me going.
PopHorror – Well, you have to start somewhere and it’s great to know you had fun doing it. What inspired you to make your most recent film, Never Open the Door?
Vito Trabucco – I just wanted to make another movie. It started as an idea in a parking lot and sort of blossomed from there.
PopHorror – It most definitely did. You chose to do it in black and white, giving it a very authentic horror feel. Why made you go about doing it this way instead of color?
Vito Trabucco – I just like black and white better. Fortunately, so did everyone else. It was an easy sell for me.
PopHorror – This is true, it worked perfectly for Never Open the Door. What’s the thing you love most about the film?
Vito Trabucco- Probably the black and white. I can’t knock that poster, though. I liked that a lot too.
PopHorror – I absolutely love the poster, it reminds of something Alfred Hitchcock would do. Overall, do you think audiences have reacted to the film in the way you had hoped they would?
Vito Trabucco – I thought it would have been worse. I have a lot of issues with it. I’m surprised it did pretty well.
PopHorror – We’re often our own worse enemy. You should definitely be proud of the quality of work you did. Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to tell us about?
Vito Trabucco – We just completed a horror web series called Watch the Pretty Girls Suffer that I co-wrote and directed with Debbie Venegas. That will be out in early 2017.
PopHorror – I can’t wait to check that out. Would you like to do anything beyond the horror genre?
Vito Trabucco – Well, we’re finishing up on our documentary Henchman: The Al Leong Story. Plus the short films I made before were non-horror so I feel pretty safe outside the horror genre. It’s not really a big deal to me.
PopHorror – Yeah, it’s good to be flexible. Plenty of missed opportunities if you only stuck with one genre. If you could work with anyone in the industry, actor or director, who would it be?
Vito Trabucco – Dang that’s a tough one. If I could go back in time I would probably cast one of those crazy drunk British actors like Peter O’Toole or Oliver Reed. It’s tough to say. I change my mind daily.
PopHorror – That keeps things interesting! Thanks again for the interview, Vito. We look forward to your upcoming projects.
— For anyone interested in checking out Never Open the Door be sure to read our review. Also, check out their facebook page and twitter.

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