Interview with Crepitus Actors – Raiden Moore and Caitlin Williams

Recently, we had the privilege of talking with Raiden Moore and Caitlin Williams, two talented actors who are starring in the upcoming horror film, Crepitus. Learn about how they got involved in this film, their specific characters, how they feel about working with Bill Moseley, and more! Everyone is talking about Crepitus and we can’t wait to see this new horrifying story, their awesome performances, and Bill Moseley as a cannibalistic clown! – First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us! Raiden, you’re a very talented 11-year-old. Tell us a bit about yourself and what made you want to work in the filming industry?


Raiden Moore Well, I live in Nova Scotia and I want to pursue being an actor as well as a writer and a director. I dream that my movie ideas will make it to the big screen. I used to role play from a very early age. Ever since I was 2 or 3 I watched a lot of movies and I would pause the movies and asked my parents to re-enact the scenes with me. Basically, I would direct them and make them play the roles of the characters in the scenes. I’ve also always been really good at memorizing things. When I was 3 I knew the first, middle and last names of friends and family as well as their phone numbers and birthdays. Lines are easy to remember and I enjoy getting into different characters. My mom also works in the industry and she helped me get my foot in the door. Caitlin, you’re new to the film industry. Tell us a bit about yourself and what made you want to work in this field?


Caitlin Williams I began performing in our High School musicals as a third grader and I’ve never stopped. Any chance I can get on stage, I definitely go for it. I ultimately have been working toward my goal of being in film, but living in such a rural area, opportunities can be scarce. Once I heard about this film, I was ecstatic to get the chance to audition for a lead role. – Raiden, your first acting gig was on the show Haven. Who did you play and what was that like for you?

Raiden Moore I played a boy named Liam Magnusson. I remember my first day I had to work until like 12:30 AM. It rained on set a lot and I remember having to slide down a roof into a barn. It made me feel special to be a part of a real film production with the director and crew all around all the time. When it was time to ‘wrap’ me, I was a little heartbroken. I was 7 yrs old and I didn’t want it to end. Adrian Griffiths played my dad and was really fun to work with. He’s now my real-life godfather. Caitlin, your film debut is in this horror movie called Crepitus. How did you get involved in this movie?

Caitlin Williams The director of the movie (Haynze Whitmore) had seen me perform as Maria in our high school production of The Sound of Music. I believe he recognized my talent and contacted my father regarding auditioning for the film. Raiden, you’ve done other television series such as The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, but Crepitus is your first feature film. How did you get involved in this movie?

Raiden Moore My mom was contacted by a friend of a friend who learned that I was an actor. I was told I had the ‘look’ of Julian so they decided to let me do a video audition. I got really into the story and the character and they seemed to like what I did! Caitlin, you play the character of Eli, sister of Julian (Raiden). What was is your character like?

Caitlin Williams Eli is the typical teen with a broken home, forced to care for and support her younger brother, Julian. Julian is very naive about how broken their family really is. Like every teenager, Eli has a breaking point, but hers might be a little costlier than others. – Raiden, you play Julian. What is he like in the movie?

Raiden Moore He’s VERY determined to find the answers to his past as well as what’s going on around him, and he’s someone who puts his fears aside to get to the bottom of things. Sometimes he makes bad decisions because his curiosity gets in his way. He is extremely protective of his sister, Eli, who’s more like a mom to him. – How are you both preparing for your roles?

Raiden Moore
• Reading the scripts
• Practicing my lines and putting myself into Julian’s character.
• Researching parts of existing horror movies

Caitlin Williams Preparing for this character has been a challenge because I have been raised in a very supportive family environment. I try to view events in my life the way Eli might, to get a perspective on the character. I have been working closely with the director to attempt to merge his vision and my vision of what Eli would be like. – Are you both excited to be working with other amazing actors including Bill Moseley?

Raiden Moore Absolutely! I would love to direct horror movies one day. The more I can work with experienced horror film actors, the better!

Caitlin Williams – Most definitely! It’s an amazing opportunity to soak up all the advice I can get from these highly experienced performers. It will be a pleasure to not only work with them, but to get to know them as well. Speaking of Bill Moseley, he plays Crepitus the Killer Clown… what do you guys think about clowns? Are they scary?

Raiden Moore Heck, yeah! Not as scary as the Exorcist but like, just below it. But I don’t think anyone’s seen a clown like Crepitus yet. He is, after-all, ‘the new clown in town’ and could easily be more terrifying than Reagan in the Exorcist.

Caitlin Williams Hell yes, clowns are scary! There is nothing more sinister than pure evil hiding behind a painted on smile. Have you guys started filming yet and if not when will you be?

Raiden Moore No. We haven’t started filming yet. I think we’re starting to shoot early in 2017.

Caitlin Williams – We have done some promotional filming already. According to director Haynze Whitmore, we will begin filming late this year. Julian, based on your acting career so far, do you enjoy playing in horror/sci-fi based shows and movies?

Raiden Moore Actually, most of the roles I’ve played have been in horror/sci-fi based shows and yes, I enjoy it a lot. I really enjoy being scared and getting killed! By the way, that’s not something I ever thought I’d say… (laughs) Caitlin, since this was your first acting gig, what was the experience like so far? Also, based on this role, do you want to do more horror movies or would you like to branch out?

Caitlin Williams Most of my work has been in musical theater, live on stage. It has been exciting and interesting making the transition to film. The use of editing and green screen shooting opens up amazing possibilities that we do not have on stage. I think that a good actor will look at any role as a challenge regardless of how they feel about the genre. I would enjoy doing more horror, but I would love to do some sci-fi or fantasy as well. My goal is to be versatile enough to be able to play a wide variety of roles. I think horror films have a special place in American culture. I remember the first movie that really scared me was The Shining. I will never forget that feeling of suspense and fear. Do you guys have any future projects that you would like to talk about?

Raiden Moore Well… I’d LIKE to talk about them, but I’m sworn to keep it secret, sorry.

Caitlin Williams I have been approached about a potential role in a sci-fi television series, but due to confidentiality, I cannot reveal any more information regarding the project. I also am continuing theater productions as they are available. If you guys could work with anyone in the industry, who would you it be?

Raiden Moore and Caitlin Williams

Raiden Moore I’d like to work with any professional actor to learn from them, but I have to say – I’ve always wanted to work with Johnny Depp – who also got his start in a scary movie: Nightmare on Elm Street!


Caitlin Williams – I would love to be in a Tim Burton, James Cameron, or Wachowskis production. I think they all bring a unique and fresh perspective on our society with their films. Well, that wraps up our interview! Thanks again, you two! We can’t wait to see you guys in Crepitus!

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