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Broken Hope’s ‘Mutilated And Assimilated’ (2017) Music Review

Chicago death metal outfit Broken Hope have been around since the early nineties. Before the internet surfaced, the only way to hear about different underground metal bands was by print. I actually heard about Broken Hope in the pages of Metal Maniacs Magazine and the writers had barely anything good …

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Kane Hodder Returns in New ‘Hatchet’ Film

According to Entertainment Weekly, a fourth film in the Hatchet franchise has been made. Adam Green has secretly written and directed the new film which once again stars Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th) as the Louisiana swamp-dwelling, supernatural killer in the title role and the film’s namesake. The film, titled Victor Crowley, …

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10 Awesome Backwoods Horror Films

Backwoods horror films are easily some of the most terrifying types of movies. Unlike supernatural films or creature features, the stories are based in reality and often inspired from true crime stories and serial killers. At the same time, the topic can easily spawn dark comedy as they feature hillbillies and …

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