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Interview With Indie Kingpin Sean Donohue

Relentless independent filmmaker and Tampa Bay Screams horror convention founder Sean Donohue is at it again. Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for his latest feature, Zed’s Dead, it is clear that the prolific provocateur has not abandoned his sleazy roots. Zed’s Dead promises gore, girls, and exploitation on …

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Hillbilly Horror/Comedy ‘Skinned Alive’ (1990) 2K Restored Ultimate Edition Blu-ray, Soundtrack CD

Rob Zombie may be the one who brought hillbilly horror into the spotlight, but it certainly didn’t start with him. In 1990, Writer/Director/Editor Jon Killough (Ninja Robot 1989) released Skinned Alive, a horror comedy that brought country bumpkins and their secretive ways back to the silver screen. Not since 1972’s …

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‘Torment’ (2017) Movie Review: Debut of Too Extreme for Mainstream

Gaining a reputation for the dark, seedy underbelly of horror it provides, Stephen Biro’s (read our interview with him here) distribution company, Unearthed Films, pushes the envelope even further with its latest development. Launching the company’s new “Too Extreme for Mainstream” brand of horror is Adam Ford’s directorial debut, Torment, …

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