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Blu-Ray Review: Ryan Kruger’s ‘Fried Barry’ (2021) Is Not Your Average Alien Film

Fried Barry

Although we’ve covered Fried Barry (read festival review – HERE) quite a bit at PopHorror, I just recently watched it for the first time. It was quite an experience and it took me on one crazy, wild, and disturbing ride! This film was written and directed by Ryan Kruger (read …

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‘Fried Barry’ Fan Art Competition Announced By Filmmaker Ryan Kruger

First making waves on the international film festival circuit throughout 2020, then subsequently shocking audiences as it landed on the streaming service, Shudder, Ryan Kruger’s feature, Fried Barry, has quickly gained a cult following. Legendary horror host and scholar Joe Bob Briggs even featured Fried Barry on his uber-popular The …

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PopHorror’s Best Horror Movies Of 2020!

PopHorror's Best Horror Movies Of 2020

Let’s be honest. While 2020 was a shit year in general, it was actually a pretty great year for Horror. Thank God. Because while nothing could truly erase the horrors of COVID: a worldwide death toll, record joblessness, a wrecked economy, and a massive toilet paper shortage, at least Horror …

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Interview With The Director Of ‘Fried Barry,’ Ryan Kruger

One of the best movies to come out this year is Fried Barry. A psychedelic mindfuck of a movie about a drug addict who is an all-around bad guy, Fried Barry boosts an incredible score, opioid-powered hijinks, and extraterrestrials. While the film makes it festival rounds, I was lucky enough …

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Fantasia Film Festival 2020: ‘Fried Barry’ (2020) Movie Review

In Cape Town, South Africa, a man named Barry (Gary Green: Escape Room 2019) has limited his existence to finding his next fix of narcotics. He dismisses the pleas of his emotional wife to kick the habit and completely ignores his young son as he again leaves them to pursue …

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