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Chain It! Drown It! Payback Arrives In The Upcoming ‘Friday The 13th: Vengeance’

Friday the 13th: Vengeance

With the future of the Friday The 13th franchise on hold, filmmakers are making movies dedicated to the beloved franchise, both as a tribute to the the ultimate Mama’s Boy and also to inspire others to make their own films. Director Jeremy Brown (Mythos: A Friday the 13th Fan Film) …

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Interview With ‘His Name Was Jason’ Director David Brown

With the new wave of Friday The 13th fan films reaching its pinnacle, Director David Brown daringly separates himself from the pack with a more grounded and realistic Jason. Brown plans on filling the gap of Jason’s survival in a bold and clever plot. His work will give hardcore fans …

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Official Trailer for ‘Voorhees’ Has Dropped!

Some people aren’t big fans of fan-film made projects, but personally I think they’re great. It’s fun seeing the franchise live on through people who truly love the films. There’s been some great one over the years and now there is Voorhees! The trailer for Voorhees has recently dropped from …

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