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Book Review – “The Black Guy Dies First” – Wait…is that right?!

The Black Guy Dies First

The Black Guy Dies First. Wait…that isn’t right…is it?!?! Answering this, and more, The Black Guy Dies First, is a deep dive into Black horror cinema. Robin R. Means, Ph.D., and Mark H. Harris leave no stone unturned in outlining the struggles, and accomplishments of Black creatives in horror. Starting …

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George A. Romero — Why His Zombie Legacy Lives and Thrives

Born on February 4, 1940, George A. Romero is well known as a horror icon and the co-creator of the modern, man-eating zombie (along with John Russo). In fact, as crazy and fanboy-ish as this sounds, it’s actually difficult to exaggerate his influence on pop culture. Virtually everyone is familiar …

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Horror Comedy ‘My Uncle John Is A Zombie!’ Proves That Some Things Never Change

Pittsburgh horror legend John A. Russo is back in the zombie game with the upcoming horror comedy, My Uncle John is a Zombie! It’s the genre he helped popularize as co-writer of Night of the Living Dead (1968 and 1990), and Return of the Living Dead (1985). And while technology and certain societal …

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My Favorite Horror Movie: ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Turns The Spotlight On Us, And It Isn’t Pretty

Night of the Living Dead (1968) doesn’t necessarily give audiences what they WANT, but it sure as hell gives them what they NEED. The average American filmgoer is a sucker for happy endings. They want the hero or heroine to struggle against adversity, or overcome societal ills like racism, or, …

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