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Larry Fessenden’s Frankenstein Adaption ‘Depraved’ Comes to Fantasia!


Larry Fessenden’s Frankenstein Adaption DEPRAVED Comes to Fantasia! The legend of Frankenstein gets a provocative modern update in the stylishly disturbing new film, Depraved, from indie horror master Larry Fessenden. Read our review – HERE! This film was written, directed, edited and produced by Larry Fessenden. It stars Alex Breaux …

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Larry Fessenden’s ‘Depraved’ To Be Released By Yellow Veil Pictures

If you can’t tell by my review of the film, I am a very big fan of Larry Fessenden’s contemporary Frankenstein film, Depraved, which premiered last month at IFC Center’s What the Fest!? Film Festival last month. I’ve been following it since I first heard about it and I’ve told …

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Review Of Larry Fessenden’s Contemporary Frankenstein Tale, ‘Depraved’ (2019)

Anyone who’s read my reviews knows that I am a HUGE fan of anything Filmmaker Larry Fessenden does. When I interviewed him last year (read that interview here), we talked about his newest project, Depraved, a contemporary tale based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Larry had mentioned his affinity for the …

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Larry Fessenden’s ‘Depraved’ Kicks Off What The Fest?

We all love the classic monster films. It’s in these films where the seed for modern horror was planted and grew into the twisted, gnarly, blackened thing that it is today. One of the most beloved of these tales, Frankenstein, takes a unique turn in Depraved, a modern re-telling of …

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‘Depraved,’ A Modern Re-imagining of Frankenstein, Begins Pre-Production

Fans of classic horror will be excited to hear that Mary Shelley’s haunting masterpiece of the early 1800s is, yet again, being adapted to film. However, rather than being a simple remake, this latest adaptation, entitled Depraved, to pick up the torch will be set in modern-day times. Home from …

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