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Coming Soon On UK Blu-ray: Jesus Franco’s ‘Devil Hunter’

88 Films proudly presents the UK Blu-ray debut of Jesus Franco’s cannibal classic, Devil Hunter, on April 8, 2019. Directed by the legendary Franco, the film stars Al Cliver (Zombie 1979 – read our retro review here), Ursula Buchfellner (Hellhole Women 1981), and Antonio Mayans (Diamonds of Kilimanjaro 1983). Synopsis: …

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Trailer and Poster for Todd Sheets’ ‘House of Forbidden Secrets’

house of forbidden secrets

From Unearthed Films comes a delicious cult horror for you to sink your teeth into, House of Forbidden Secrets. Check out the poster, trailer, and other information for the film down below. Directed by Bonehill Road’s Todd Sheets with a casting starring  Lew Temple, Dyanne Thorne, George Hardy, Lloyd Kaufman, and more. Synopsis …

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‘Jackals’ (2017) – A Horrific Yet Satisfying Cult Movie

When I watched the trailer for Jackals, it seemed to me that this film was going to be The Strangers with the volume nob turned up 1,000 notches. Everything about it intrigued me. I have a bit of an obsession with cult-related things, and I could not wait to be able …

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