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New Horror Comedy ‘Bigfoot!’ Plays By Its Own Rules

The new horror comedy Bigfoot! is a rare example of a film’s alleged shortcomings actually working in its favor. It shines, it stumbles, it makes you laugh, and it makes you scratch your head. And it’s got movie references for days. But as someone once famously said of Plan 9 …

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‘Revenge Of The Devil Bat’ Trailer is Here!

Bela Lugosi. I am sure that you’ve heard of him. He was a renowned Hungarian stage actor that emigrated to the United States and went on to become one of the most classic horror film icons, most notably known for playing Dracula in 1931’s Dracula. Fun fact: when Lugosi died in …

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Pitfire of Hell (2016) Movie Review

Last year when I first started reviewing films on my blog, I had the pleasure of reviewing the micro budget indie horror anthology Pitfire of Hell. I figured since the film doesn’t get near enough love (and because my writing doesn’t suck near as bad now) I would take the opportunity …

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