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Cool Horror Christmas Gift Ideas On Amazon – Horror Icon Edition

It’s time to fill your blood red stockings with cheer and your ghoulish heart with glee… with some iconic horror swag! While I was shopping this year, I found some really cool Christmas gift ideas on Amazon and I just had to share. And since picking just one slasher or …

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The New ‘Child’s Play’ Remake Website Looks Pretty Legit

I really have no opinion on remakes at this point. That’s not a negative statement. I’ll be open minded until the end. Speaking of (friends) “until the end,” a Child’s Play remake is in the works. The people behind the film have launched a website to promote it, and it …

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Screamfest 2018: ‘The Dollhouse’ Documentary Review

The Dollhouse

I love documentaries! Some of the best ones I’ve seen this year are For the Love of the Boogeyman: 40 Years of Halloween, The Bill Murray Stories, Wolfman’s Got Nards, and now The Dollhouse. I got the chance to watch The Dollhouse as coverage for the 2018 Screamfest Film Festival. When …

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Fright-Rags: ‘Jaws’ & ‘Child’s Play’ Collections, Plus A Re-Issue for ‘Friday the 13th’!


Fright-Rags… If you haven’t heard of them, you are missing out on one of the top sellers of merchandise to feed our need for horror items. They consistently release awesome collections and re-issues of popular items for all of our beloved horror franchises. They have announced Jaws, Child’s Play and …

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Trick Or Treat Studios’ Life Size ‘Chucky’ Replica Kickstarter Is Live!

Chucky - Childs Play 2 Replica

Trick or Treat Studios has been offering high quality Halloween masks, costumes, props, weapons, makeup, appliances and accessories for retailers, distributors, collectors and haunts since 2009. The prop masters have taken to Kickstarter to bring a life size, ultra realistic Child’s Play 2 Chucky doll to the masses. You’ve gotta …

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Seven Horror Sequels That *NEED* To Be Set In Space!

We’ve seen it before. Horror franchises run out of ideas, and what happens? Our beloved psychos and monsters get sent into space. It happened with Hellraiser. Part 4, Bloodlines, had Pinhead in space. The fourth Leprechaun film also shot for the Moon. The Prince of Darkness went out of this world in Dracula …

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Original Creators Are Developing a “Child’s Play” TV Series

Child's Play

I spent most of my day at work, so when I got home to find out per Bloody Disgusting that the original creators of Child’s Play are developing a TV series… I was super stoked! It’s Show Time! Don Mancini wrote the original screenplay for Child’s Play as well as directed the …

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Fright Rags Launches New ‘Chucky’ Collection!

Back in 1988, we were introduced to a horror film franchise and icon. Child’s Play featuring Chucky. A Good Guy Doll purchased by an unsuspecting hard-working single mother for her son’s birthday. The doll is possessed by a soul of a killer, Charles Lee Ray. Who can forget this infamous …

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Available Now! Ultimate Dudes of Gratuitous Violence Mega Set by Action Figure Therapy Store

My horror loving heart skipped a beat when I saw this Ultimate Dudes of Gratuitous Violence Mega set available for purchase! I can’t even handle how awesome these figurines are. I’d say “cute” but that probably isn’t very horror-like. Okay… How about horrifyingly cute? Let’s take a look at this …

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