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What the Hell Did I Just Watch: ‘Bloody Ballet’ (2018) Movie Review

Bloody Ballet

Ballet is a beautiful yet difficult art form, and can sometimes be haunting just on its own without being added into a horror movie. However, when this classical dance and horror come together, it can create a dark and ghostly creation that leaves audiences feeling eerie, haunted and unsettled. You …

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Bad Cookie Pictures’ ‘Nepenthes’ Movie Review

Serving up part one of the crowdfunded Bad Cookie Combo we introduced you all to last summer, Bad Cookie Pictures presents Nepenthes, a body horror short of sticky proportions. Longtime readers know that we’ve been covering the projects coming out Ariel Hansen and Christopher “Topher” Graham’s production company for years, with …

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Ready to Burst (2016) Horror Short Review

Being pregnant can be the most joyous experience in a woman’s life, but it can also be one of the scariest. As she watches her body grow and stretch, feeling nausea and nervousness and even pain, it can feel as if her own flesh and blood have abandoned her to …

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