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Interview With ‘Rideshare’ Director Tremain Hayhoe: From Grassroots To Indie Greatness

Falling in love with storytelling at a young age, Filmmaker Tremain Hayhoe began developing his craft throughout his childhood and young adult life by turning every opportunity into a filmmaking project. After gaining experience on both sides of the camera, Tremain began working in production studios and doing freelance projects, …

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‘Rideshare’ (2018) Movie Review: Killer Confessions Of A Pseudo-Uber Driver

With the rise in popularity of tech companies like Uber, Airbnb, GrubHub and Lyft, we now hold the definition of cheap and convenient at our fingertips. Whether it be ordering takeout delivery, booking a cheap room for vacation or hailing a stranger to act as your chauffeur, fulfillment of our …

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